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I'm a cyclist...not a fancy one, a super fit one or a professional one. Just one who loves to ride a bike and feel the freedom a bicycle can bring. I love sharing that with other women and inspiring them to share in that passion for adventure on two wheels.

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When I first got into cycling around 2010, it seemed like an impossible task: where would I ride, who could I go with, what happens if I have a flat tyre, do I have to wear all that tight gear, what do all those gears do...and so many other doubts I had about riding a bike. But I realised quickly they were really just doubts about myself.


I rode a bike as kid and tore up the neighbourhood with the best of them. But after kids, career, and years of inactivity, it seems ‘just like riding a bike’ was in fact a monumental task filled with self doubt, fear of judgement and lack of self confidence. There had to be a better way than just dragging that bike out on my own, hoping for the best and worrying about people laughing at me.

That’s how in 2012 Wheel Women Cycling was born - I knew I wasn’t alone in all those fears. And I still have them at times when I pull on that tight lycra - but I also know that the feeling I get riding a bike is far more powerful than those who tell me I shouldn’t, couldn’t and better not. It’s freedom, independence, adventure and it’s truly my happy place. I want to share that story with others.

Cycling has taken me to so many wonderful places and introduced me to some incredible people, it’s also taught me skills I never knew I had. I have found adventure, resilience and challenge. But most of all I have found a world where exploration on two wheels has brought me opportunities I would never have imagined. From touring across islands, participating in government tours, presenting at international cycling conferences and advising on inbound cycling tourism with Japan. 

I've had a love affair with Japan since I was about 10 years old and I met a Japanese business colleague of my father - Motoko was one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen and so full of mystery. I knew when I grew up I'd visit Japan to find out more about where Motoko came from - it took another 12 years before I finally took off on a university Design study tour in 1985.


I was was old and it was new, it was fast and it was slow, quirky yet magnificent! I've been travelling to Japan ever since, but it was when cycling entered my world that things changed. Combining my passion for cycling and my love of Japan has led me to the unexpected and mysterious and I love sharing the places I experience and the knowledge I have with others.

I am looking forward to more adventure, more story making and finding new friends across borders. Cycling is my passion and sharing it's joy is my happy place!



Level 1 NCAS Cycling Coach

 MTBA Skills Instructor

Cycling Australia Accredited Ride Leader

UCI Level 1 Bicycle Mechanics

Accredited Professional Cycle Guide

Diploma (Bach) of Graphic Design

Currently studying Japanese Language

Intermmediate level


2013 Cycling Victoria Champions of Change

2013 Victorian Dept of Sport & Recreation

Inclusive Club Award

2014 Cycling Victoria Iris Dixon Women's Champion Award

2017 VicSport Award Most Outstanding

Active Outdoor Recreation Program

2018 Cycling Luminaries Leadership Award


Guest speaker Velo City Global International

Cycling Conference 2014

Presented for the Amy Gillett Foundation 

Presented at Bicycle Network Women’s Community 

Guest international speaker 

Shimanami Cycling Summit in Hiroshima, Japan 2018



Total Women's Cycling (UK),

Australian Triathlete Magazine,

Bicycle Network Ride On magazine

Travel, Play, Live women's adventure magazine

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